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Tobacco Prevention ToolkitLearn more about Going Vape-Free and Smoke-Free during the Coronavirus Pandemic 👇🏼🚭:

-A weakened immune response in your lungs caused by smoking or e-cigarette use can make it harder to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria.
-The lungs bathe in toxic chemicals from breathing in smoked tobacco or cannabis. This is true for e-cigarette aerosol or exposure to secondhand aerosol.
-Long-term research on cigarettes has shown that smoking weakens immune function in the lungs and causes inflammation. So far e-cigarette studies have confirmed similar findings.
-If you were exposed to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 this could lead to an attack on the lungs. In other words, those who use e-cigarettes or smoke whether it’s cannabis or tobacco increase their risk of being infected with coronavirus and can have worse outcomes from being infected.
-On a positive note, eliminating smoking or e-cigarette use allows the lungs to have a normal immune response to infection and prevents inflammation in the lungs.
-If someone was exposed to the coronavirus and currently not smoking or vaping then there would be a reduced risk of being infected and having worse outcomes if infected.

This slide along with many others will be available online on our website Friday, March 27th!

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